Main Features

Customizable Labels

Create customizable inventory labels for your inventory warehouse. Choose to have any product attribute displayed on the labels. Labels features easy to scan compact QR codes for easy phone scanning.
  • Predefined label layouts for popular and common office labels
  • Works with Inkjet, Laser, and Thermal printers
  • Easy label creation from admin section

Works with all printers

Inventory Log

Complete detailed listings of inventory related actions are recorded in Scanventory’s log report. Each user and the affected products are linked for easy auditing and administration.
  • Tracks changes in inventory
  • Adds security and audit trails
  • Uses WordPress’s built in user management system
  • Easily audit inventory changes
  • Detailed inventory reports for simple and variation products

Easily audit inventory changes…

Mobile Inventory Management

inventory management woocommerce
Access Woocommerces inventory management options easily from your Smartphone through Scanventory’s custom mobile inventory management screen.
  • Administrate simple or variable products
  • Instant updates on product inventory
  • Change products stock status
  • Enable or disable inventory management on a per product basis
  • Quickly identify, administrate, review, and correct inventory discrepancies

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