Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scanventory?

Scanventory is an online mobile management system that is designed to let you manage your inventory on the go by going directly through your mobile phone or your mobile QR scanning device. The program automatically updates instantly to your E-Commerce store. It is simple to use with our custom inventory labels that you can print from your own computer. Scanventory also makes it easy to keep accurate inventory for Woocommerce stores of any size.

What's the difference between Free and Pro versions?

With the free version of Scanventory you can only generate two labels per sheet. With the pro version you can print two, six, ten, and twelve labels per sheet.

How does it work?

  • Scanventory is a plugin that is used alongside with Woocommerce, which is a WordPress E-Commerce solution.
  • The Scanventory system allows the user to print product labels that have a custom QR code. It also allows the user to place labels on any product.
  • The software uses the attached QR codes from your inventory to allow you to change product information such as the inventory stock, status and availability. Users can do this with a simple QR code scanner.
  • The system can scan any label that is configured for a QR code reader/scanner app.

How do I install Scanventory?

  1. Download the Scanventory WordPress plugin.
  2. Access your site’s server through an FTP application.
  3. Upload (copy) the plugin’s unzipped folder to the /wp-content/plugins folder.
  4. In your WordPress Administration Panels, click Plugins, on the top menu.
  5. Click the Activate link below the “Make Your Site Social” plugin name. The page should now show the Scanventory plugin as active.
  6. On your WordPress Administration left sidebar you should now see a “Products” item. Go to Products>Scanventory

How do I build labels?

You can select products you want to build labels for in Woocommerce’s product screen, then choose the bulk action ‘Build Labels’. This will bring you to Scanventory’s label builder. Alternatively you can choose to print all labels from Scanventory’s label screen.

How do I print labels?

The labels are designed to be printed directly from your web browser.
Be sure to not alter the image size, do not use shrink-to-fit, just 100%. Please
also be sure to not include any extra margins or spacing.
Each label template corresponds to a specific label size and label
printing product.

How do I create new accounts?

Scanventory uses WordPress’s built in user management system. Users that have access to edit products have the ability to use the Scanventory system.

Where can I download the mobile app for scanning qr codes?

You can use almost any QR scanning mobile apps for Scanventory. Some suggested mobile apps include:


“QR Reader” for iPhone


“QR Code Reader and Scanner”

“Quick Scan”


“QR Droid™”

“QR Code Reader”

“Barcode Scanner”

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